About us

History of RnAssays BV
Co-founded by Professor dr. Aldert Bergwerff as a spin-off company from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, Netherlands, RnAssays specializes in the development and application of time- and cost-saving diagnostic assays for safety and quality control in both primary and secondary food production sectors, with a particular focus on foods of animal origin.
RnAssays’ technology is based on patents for the innovative preparation of solid surfaces, such as those of microspheres, sensor-surfaces or sensor-tips.

These innovations form the foundation of RnAssays multi-analyte Plex™  Elisa assays for screening and diagnostic laboratories in the animal production chain. These rapid analyses determine multiple microbial and chemical contaminations simultaneously in a single analysis run using a single sample and thus using minimal animal-derived sample volumes.
RnAssays’ first assay, Sal Plex™ has been validated in Germany. Formal Product Registration approvals are expected shortly in Germany, Spain and The Netherlands, where successful customer trials have also been completed.

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